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body_discussion's Journal

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The Body Discussion Community on LiveJournal

This community was born of a dissension between two groups at body_obsession. I, __december, was the moderator there from around mid-December until early April, when I finally got tired of trying to steer the community in a non "pro-ana" direction-- its original creator had intended it to be a community for people obsessed with their body image, but it became a very eating disorders-influenced community which did not always allow for people to comfortably talk about other aspects of body issues, like exercise, healthy diets, and nutrition. Many people became upset when I tried to open up and diversify the community a bit, and after a whole lot more work than most people would realize on the parts of myself and mod iheartana, I finally gave up. I had hoped for body_obsession not to fall into being "just another pro-ana community," but alas, the people have spoken.

I've started body_discussion now, not as competition, but as an alternative. body_discussion is not a pro-ED community-- it is a community for discussion of ALL body-related topics.

Things that are perfectly okay and even encouraged as topics of debate and discussion: new fad diets, questions about multivitamins, workout routines, articles about new eating disorders treatments, the best way to tone your legs, debates about the changes in the popular female body figure, surveys about body topics, plastic surgery, questions about how many calories to eat in a day, BMI debates, progress pictures, etc.

Things that should be posted elsewhere: purging tips, fasting buddies, thinspiration pics, stats (they're very triggering for some people and promote unintentional competition), bragging about how little you ate in a day (unless it's a healthy amount of food), pictures of yourself in your underwear to show us "omg look at my fat thighs!", or telling people where to buy ephedra online.

Basically, it's a judgment call, and it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what goes here and what doesn't.

A few other quick rules: be respectful of your fellow members, don't encourage people who are doing unhealthy things (offer healthy and effective alternatives!), and please spellcheck and watch your grammar, because I at least won't be sitting and trying to decipher what you wrote because you didn't feel like taking the time to spell properly.

Alright, enjoy, and tell your friends about us!